ICR Sunday School Curriculum

Please email for detail.

Please email for detail.

Arabic Language

The school’s Arabic classes are grouped according to each student’s ability. The language is taught from the basics of learning the alphabet to the proper grammar used in conversational Arabic.  The program emphasizes vocabulary and the student’s ability to read and write in Arabic.  A strong foundation in reading, writing, and grammar are required to perform in upper levels.  All Arabic levels are taught by highly qualified and motivated teachers. 


Quranic Studies

 The school’s Quranic Studies program is aimed to teach our children the love for reciting and learning the meanings of the Quran.   Our students are excted to memorize selected surah and ayat, while applying the rules of Tajweed.  Quranic studies levels are broken up by ability rather than by grades.

Islamic Studies

The school’s Islamic Studies program is aimed to help provide a strong sense of identity amongst our students.  The Islamic Studies curriculum is centered on the teachings of the Quran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad.  Lessons focus on applications and understanding of faith, worship, seerah, and mannerisms.  The program encourages students to learn by doing and does not encourage the mechanics of answering text book review questions.  Assignments are designed to provoke thought and critical thinking.  Many assignments are project based followed by oral presentations to further strengthen their comprehension of the material.


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