ICR Sunday School

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ICR Sunday School is one of the longest serving Weekend Islamic Education Program in the greater Inland Empire. It serves a void for those families who are unable to send their children to the Islamic Academy of Riverside for a full-time school but likes to have the children be exposed to the concept of Islam and grow up learning on how to be a good, productive and well-balanced Muslim living in the west.

The Sunday school program, as it’s name suggests, a Sunday only program that runs during regular academic year with the exception of the month of Ramadan. The faculty for the programs are well qualified adult and youth volunteers from the community, many of whom went through the Sunday school or the Islamic academy during their early youth.

The programs operates under the oversight and guidance of the Board of Directors of Islamic Center of Riverside and is housed on site, next to the main prayer hall in its own temporary buildings. While the masjid provides many amenities for free such as space, utilities etc., it is expected the parents help with the school books, supplies, student recognition and similar costs.

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