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From the desk of the director: Imam Mahmoud Harmoush

Dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu Aalaikum Warahmatu Allah

I hope and pray that you and your families are doing well. Alhamdulillah we are all proud of our youth and the potential they hold for the future of umma.  However, there are some reasons to be concerned about the future of our young Muslims as well.  I am witnessing the second and the third generation Muslims in this country are becoming more enticed to materialistic lifestyle, becoming less appreciative of many of Allah’s blessings, and less focused on the values and principles of life, particularly life as a Muslim.  Having strong faith, being truthful and taking responsibility for the wellbeing of themselves and the umma is not quite there, it appears.  Recently I counseled a newlywed that were on the verge of divorce.  Their main problem, according to the wife that they don’t have enough money to meet their needs.  However, I found out that both are employed, and they make more than $10,000, a very decent income for two of them as they don’t have children yet.   That was quite a surprise to me.  So, I advised them to be appreciative and thankful of what Allah suhanallahu t’ala has given them, and I advised them to pay (Saddaqah) and Zakah at the end of the year so that Allah may purify their income and give baraka.  Alhamduliallah, they seem to be doing much better now, and that is why I wanted to share with you all.  

On another topic, first, we started a (Telawah and Tahfeez), reading and memorization of the holy Quran program for adults after Fajr prayer every Sunday morning until Duah time.  Please join us for this blessed time and effort. Insha-Allah.

Second, the Ummrah trip, that I am going with is from November 24th to December 4th, 2021.  The trip appears to be gaining interest. So, if you want to go, start the process, and may Allah make it easy and safe for us all.

Finally, the day and night times is changing fast, so please observe the Salah and Iqamah time changes. Starting this Friday: Prayers-Time times are: Fajr at: 5:45, Zuhr at: 1:10, Aser at: 5:15, Magrib 10 minutes after Azan, and Isha is at: 8:30 Pm. Friday is fixed at 1:00 pm Insha-Allah. Please download (Iqamah Times) application for Riverside to follow our prayers time. Many blessings and Jazakumu Allahu Khairan.

As always you can find the current iqama time on our website. 

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General Body Meeting

Assalamu alaikum. We hope and pray that this message finds you all well and in great state of imaan, Insha'Allah. Date: June 25, 2021 Time: After Maghreb Salah Location: Islamic Center of Riverside A zoom link will be provided to the registered members closer to the meeting date. Islamic Center of Riverside Board of Trustee would like to invite all registered members of masjid to a general body meeting. Only registered members on record as of May 31st, 2021 will be allowed to participate in the meeting. Following is a short agenda for the general body meeting - Self introduction of BOD and BOT members - 10 Minutes General update about the Islamic Center of Riverside - 10 Minutes (BOD Chair) Islamic Academy Update - 5 minutes (IAR Board Chair) Attendance - 1/3 of the registered members will need to be present to discuss items 5, 6 and 7 (BOD Secretary) Bylaw edit presentation - 15 minute (Bylaw Committee Chair) Questions, Answers and Discussion on bylaw edits (All) Vote on the bylaw edits (BOD Secretary) If you have not renewed your membership yet but would like to participate in the general body meeting please renew your membership at by Monday, May 31st, 2021.

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Assalamu alaikum. If you have not done so already please renew your 2021 membership now. Go to and complete the form. If you have questions please email

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Friday Night Tafseer

IshaAllah join sheikh Mahmoud Harmoush tonight at 5:30 PM and every Friday for Quran Tafseer using zoom link

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