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After careful discussion and based on the Shura Council of Southern California, the City and other public agency recommendations the Board of Directors of Islamic Center of Riverside has decided to temporarily close the masjid. No in-person Jumma on July 3rd or July 10th. Please join us for online Jumma Khutbha on the masjid zoom channel.

Please join us for Jummah by Zoom and and Facebook Live at 1:00 pm and Friday evening 9:00 pm for Quranic Tafseer and discussion.


From the desk of Sheikh Mahmoud Harmoush
Dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu Aalaikum Warahmatu Allah
I hope and pray that you and your families are doing well.

This was my message for this week before we decided to close the Masjid again for this and the next Friday (7/3/2020 and 7/10/2020) Please read the announcement below.

We are in the beginning of the holy month of Dhul-Qidah, 1441 that will be followed with Dhul-Hijjah and the Hijrah Islamic year will come to end. For many people it is another month, but for those who read the Holy Quran carefully, they know that these months are special. Allah Taala mentioned that the numbers of months in the year are twelves, four of it are (Hurom) sacred. They are the following: Rajab, Dhul-Qidah, Dhul-Hijja, and Muharam. Rasoul Allah and the Sahaba used to make special consideration for these months in term of Ebadah (worship) and obedience to Allah (SWT). Thus, I would like to remind myself and all my brothers and sisters to revive this tradition of Rasoul Allah by making more worship, more Sadaqah (charity) and obedience to Allah in these months as much as we can. Insha-Allah. Dear all, let us remind ourselves of the opportunities of making good deeds in this life before chances go away, like Hajj this year. You maybe know that it was restricted on people from outside Saudi Arabia. I am sure there are many people were planning to go for Hajj this year, and now they can’t. Let us pray that Allah bring many opportunities in our lives to do more Ebadat and gain rewards. Finally, please this Friday plan to start this Holy month of Dhul-Qidah and close the month of June with generous donation to your Islamic Center on behalf of your good health Insha-Allah.

Finally, for any question or concern, you may contact me at the following e-mails and cell number. and or on my cell: 951-704-9997.

I pray that Allah Taala protects and bless you all, Wassalamu Aalaikum.
Mahmoud Harmoush
Imam/Director of ICR

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Eid Mubarak - No Tafseer Tonight

Assalamu alaikum and Eid Mubarak to you all. InshaAllh to allow everyone time for family activities Sheikh Mahmoud Harmoush will not be holding his weekly Quran Tafseer program tonight. InshaAllah we hope to see you next Friday and every friday at 9 PM.

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Eid Mubarak. Eid Al Adha celebration this Friday, 7/31/2020; Takbeerat : 7:45 Salah: 8:00 followed Khutbah Join us by zoom

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Dul-Hijja Announced

Dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatu Allah. It was determined that tomorrow (7/22/2020) is the first day of Dul-Hijja 1441. This, the count down for The Hajj season start tomorrow. This ten days are the best of the year and the most blessed days and nights as Allah Taala said in Suratu Al-Fajr. Please have the intention to do the following as much as you can: 1- To repaint from all sins 2- Start night prayers (Tahajud) 3- Start fasting all days especially the 9th. (The day of Arafah) 4- Do your Udhiya 5- Reach out to the needy in the society. Please pray for all those who are sick and this who have difficulties. Many blessings and Salam.

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The Masjid Is Closed

Please join us for Jummah by Zoom and and Facebook Live at 1:00 pm and Friday evening 9:00 pm for Quranic Tafseer and discussion. HTTPS://US02WEB.ZOOM.US/J/84448906691

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