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Dear Brothers and Sisters:  Assalamu Alaikum:

BOT has appointed an Election Committee to conduct elections to elect members for BOD and BOT, InshaAllah.

The Election Committee is seeking your nominations. Nomination Forms (one for BOD and the other for BOT) and the Eligibility Criteria(s) to be used to qualify individuals before nominating can be obtained from the website by going to
You may nominate up to five individuals each for BOD and BOT. The sixth BOD nominee is a sister which is to be nominated by sisters only. Please be advised that you cannot nominate the same person for both BOD and BOT.

You must print your name, sign and date the Nomination Forms before emailing to us.  Please email the completed nomination forms to no later than July 20, 2020. Nominations received after July 20, 2020, and/or without your name/signature/date will not be considered. Further, no in person or by mail nominations will be accepted.

Please be advised that due to Covid-19 restrictions, Election committee reserves the right to hold virtual elections by Electronic means.

Jazāk Allāhu Khayran

The Election Committee

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ICR Weekly

After careful discussion and based on the Shura Council of Southern California, the City and other public agency recommendations the Board of Directors of Islamic Center of Riverside has decided to temporarily close the masjid. No in-person Jumma on July 3rd or July 10th. Please join us for online Jumma Khutbha on the masjid zoom channel. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please join us for Jummah by Zoom and and Facebook Live at 1:00 pm and Friday evening 9:00 pm for Quranic Tafseer and discussion. HTTPS://US02WEB.ZOOM.US/J/84448906691 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From the desk of Sheikh Mahmoud Harmoush Dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu Aalaikum Warahmatu Allah I hope and pray that you and your families are doing well. This was my message for this week before we decided to close the Masjid again for this and the next Friday (7/3/2020 and 7/10/2020) Please read the announcement below. We are in the beginning of the holy month of Dhul-Qidah, 1441 that will be followed with Dhul-Hijjah and the Hijrah Islamic year will come to end. For many people it is another month, but for those who read the Holy Quran carefully, they know that these months are special. Allah Taala mentioned that the numbers of months in the year are twelves, four of it are (Hurom) sacred. They are the following: Rajab, Dhul-Qidah, Dhul-Hijja, and Muharam. Rasoul Allah and the Sahaba used to make special consideration for these months in term of Ebadah (worship) and obedience to Allah (SWT). Thus, I would like to remind myself and all my brothers and sisters to revive this tradition of Rasoul Allah by making more worship, more Sadaqah (charity) and obedience to Allah in these months as much as we can. Insha-Allah. Dear all, let us remind ourselves of the opportunities of making good deeds in this life before chances go away, like Hajj this year. You maybe know that it was restricted on people from outside Saudi Arabia. I am sure there are many people were planning to go for Hajj this year, and now they can’t. Let us pray that Allah bring many opportunities in our lives to do more Ebadat and gain rewards. Finally, please this Friday plan to start this Holy month of Dhul-Qidah and close the month of June with generous donation to your Islamic Center on behalf of your good health Insha-Allah. Finally, for any question or concern, you may contact me at the following e-mails and cell number. and or on my cell: 951-704-9997. I pray that Allah Taala protects and bless you all, Wassalamu Aalaikum. Mahmoud Harmoush Imam/Director of ICR

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ICR Weekley

From the desk of Sheikh Mahmoud Harmoush Dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu Aalaikum Warahmatu Allah Re-open our Masjid and more! I was very optimistic that by the End of May 2020 we can re-open our Masjid with health measures in place. Unfortunately, as we are going to the third week of June and we still unsure of this possibility. The rapid increases in COVID-19 cases in Riverside County is a prohibiting factor in re-opining our Islamic Center in the near future. We are evaluating the possible risk if we hastily re-open and put our brothers and sisters and our employees at such risk. However, we will continue to hold tow prayers on Friday, one at 1:00 pm and the second at: 1:45 pm. Please bring your prayers’ rug, come with Wudu, and mask. The second thought I would like to share with you is related to our spiritual and educational development. During the month of Ramadan, we had a wonderful daily Quranic studies session, now, and I would like to continue twice a week session on the remaining chapters of the Holy Quran. I am suggesting Friday and Tuesday evening time: 9:00-9:30 pm. The program will be through ZOOM and will have Q/A time at the end. I am looking forward to be with you again, please tell your friends and join us. Finally, please notice that you may contact me at the following e-mails and cell number. and or on my cell: 951-704-9997 I pray that Allah Taala protects and bless you all, Wassalamu Aalaikum Thank you Mahmoud Harmoush Imam/Director ICR

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ICR Newsletter

Zoom link for Khutbah - PLEASE JOIN US FOR JUMMA IN PERSON THIS FRIDAY. PLEASE READ VERY IMPORTANT INSTRCUTIONS LISTED BELOW. 1. Arrive early for the 1:00 PM Jamat 2. Do not arrive too early for 1:45 PM Jamat 3. Ariive with Wudu 4. Bring your own prayer rug 5. Wear face covering 6. Maintain social recommended distancing inside and around the masjid 7. Each jamat is limited to 100 attendees. 8. If you arrive after the maximum occupancy has been reached please wait outside for next jamat. 9. Pray sunnah at home Don't Come if you 1. Think you are sick 2. Have Health or other special needs 3. Under the age of 15 years 1st Khutbha @ 1:00 PM (Door Closes at 12:55) 2nd Khutbah - @ 1:45 PM (Door closes at 1:40) From the Desk of Mahmoud Harmoush Dear brothers and sisters: Assalamu Aalaikum Warahmatu Allah I hope and pray that you and your families are doing well. The recent developments in our country, especially the strong voices of (I cannot breathe) represent a growing concern on our conscious. The systematic loss of precious lives due to excessive use of police forces and state sanction violence, is against all religious, social, and legal values of our society. We strongly reject the lack of humanity in dealing with our citizens of colors from all background. The killing that happening in different parts of the country, like Minneapolis, Minnesota for Mr. George Floyd is categorically condemned. We, as a society are not only responsible for feeding, housing, and providing health care for all our people, but also, we are responsible for the safety and security for all our citizen. In fact, government is directly responsible for our life and wellbeing under the law. Our prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon Him) said: “None of you fully believes until you love for your fellow (human) brother/sister what you love for yourself”. Such values should guide our action and bring down all forms of racism and violence against each other. Our nation, needs compassionate leaders to reform and bring peace to our society and live up to the ideals of our nations’ values. A serious change is needed to our law enforcement agencies as well as our educational and social environment. Finally, we pray for peace and stability for our nation and we pray justice and security for all our people.

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